Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sisterhood: It's always there for you

This week has been a crazy whirlwind of emotions for everyone involved. We have gotten support from the coolest, strangest and cutest of supporters.

From Colonel Reb by the Union

to the Ying Yang twins
performing at the Phi Psi house
to cute dogs everywhere!

However, the one thing we all know is that it couldn't be done without all of your sisters there to offer support!

Results will be announced at a later date, but from all the work we've put into this campaign, Diana Price is OUR Homecoming Queen no matter the results! Because, a sister is your loving sister no matter what happens!

Alpha Love as the Anxiously Await the Results,
Claire Mauldin and Bri Van Stekelenburg, PC '09

Friday, September 17, 2010


Don't forget to VOTE for DIANA PRICE for HOMECOMING QUEEN on Tuesday, September 21st.


After all, the band Ingram Hill is voting for Diana, too! The Price is Right.


Diana with Ingram Hill lead singer, Justin Moore.
We all know who he's voting for! 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

We can't win 'em all, but you'll always have your sisters

We might have lost the Jacksonville State game, but everyone looked absolutely adorable in their white-out attire...and those other gorgeous dresses (which of course all your sisters will be asking to borrow).

And lots of hard work went into making our AOII tent look like the best ever down the Walk of Champions. What true Rebel doesn't love good food, good friends and a fun memories? If you didn't make a stop by this game, be sure to check it out the next home game. 

Sophomores Abby Cayer and Michael Bernard reserving the
tent area the day before game day. The Grove is not
just insane on game days!

Sophomores Susan Shetley and Jessica Sewell taking the
second shift of reserving the Grove tent spot. 

Our AOII pins and stickers are cuter than ever this year. PLUS, we now have AOII panda cups to show the entire world just how adorable an Alpha Omicron Pi girl can be! Pick up a panda cup at the Grove tent, return them if you wish or bring yours back to the game the next time! 

Ole Miss is playing Tulane this weekend in New Orleans so remember the be safe in New Orleans girls! Help cheer on our Rebels playing Tulane from the comfort of your own couch or all the way in New Orleans! After girl looks cuter than with an AOII sticker on her dress! And, there's nothing an Ole Miss Rebel or an AOII loves more than an amazing come back.

Alpha Love from Rebel Drive,
Claire Mauldin and Brianna Van Stekelenburg, PC '09

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hotty Toddy and Alpha Omicron Pi: The Perfect Duo

I hope everyone is super duper excited about the first football game tomorrow! We found a nifty spot for the grove tent so it'll be easy to find! The tent is located on the right side of the Walk of Champions at the corner of the White Emergency Lane and the Blue Emergency Lane.

The food, stickers, and fans will be out starting at 10 AM and ending at 1 PM. We will be having Chick-Fil-A nuggets, chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, sweet tea, lemonade, & Red Bull.

I hope to see all you lovely AOII ladies tomorrow! Be sure to come by to get AOII stickers for you & your friends! Don't forget to look your best in white, and bring along some Rebel Pride! Get excited!

Alpha Love & Hotty Toddy!
Ann Paley, PC '09